The State

Present day

The road bordering the canal grants access to the Kingma State estate. Near the beginning of the driveway, featuring a small avenue flanked with trees on both sides, was a small house that is designated as a ‘Summer House’ on a map of the State grounds. At the time, this served as a tea house on the waterfront. The house still remains to this day and is privately occupied.

The driveway is still clearly visible in the landscape. Parallel to the driveway, there was an access canal that could be used to reach Kingma State by boat. The ‘kerkpad’ or ‘church path’ that ran from the Salverderweg to the Regina church in Zweins featured a stone bridge that crossed the canal. The bridge has since been demolished and the path has been paved and is now called the Hoofdweg. Only a ditch remains of the access canal.

The border of the wooded area where Kingma State was located, consisted of a wide strip of grass. In addition, a strip of grass runs straight through the middle of the grounds, bordered by trees. Parts of the original moat around the state gardens are still visible today.