The State


The Kingma State archive contains many letters of sale from this Jelle, as well as from Hendrik and Saeckle Kingma. These three men were very active in purchasing new land: Jelle Pieters Kingum is mentioned in deeds of 1571, 1579 and 1580; Hendrik Jelles Kingma purchased land in Peins in 1612, 1620 (3x), 1621, 1622 and 1642; and Saeckle Intes acquired property in 1630, 1633, 1635, 1637 and 1642.

With these purchases, they expanded the size and, accordingly, the status of their estate. From around 1600, it is redubbed as a state.

In 1611, Saeckle van Kingma acquired the state from his uncle Hendrik Jelles (for more family history and the family tree, see theGenealogy section).

In the deed of 1611, Hendrik Jelles declares to have sold Kingma State to Saeckle Intes Kingma (1585 -1652) and his wife Bucke Thomas dr. (1593 -1626), who at that time lived in Balk, and to Ruurd Saeckles from Kubaard. Hendrik Jelles and Ruurd Saeckles are uncles of Saeckle Intes.

The sale includes the house and other buildings, the trees and other plants, the right to swan hunting and fishing. The right on title and the coat of arms of Kingma are excluded. In addition, it also included 29.5 ‘pondemaat’ of land, which is comparable to almost 11 hectares. The sale price was 3670 Carolus guilders of 28 stivers each. Ruurd Saeckles (died in 1618) is likely to have acted as the financier. An earlier deed of sale, dated November 1610, specifies almost 48 hectares of land in Kingma State.

In 1635, the sole heir of Hendrik Jelles, his son Rienk Hendriks, who studied in Leiden, died, after which Saeckle Intes was appointed curator of the estate by Hendrik Jelles. Rienk’s possessions were sold, after which the proceeds are distributed among his nine heirs. Saeckle ultimately bought all the possessions of Hendrik Jelles and his son, which most likely also contained the coat of arms and the title to Kingma State, which Hendrik Jelles had kept out of the sale of 1611.

Between 1666 and 1692, Ignatius van Kingma made an active effort to expand Kingma state by adding more farms in the Peins area.