Future of Kingma State

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The stichting Herstel Kingma State (Kingma State Restoration Foundation) was founded in 2001 by Joost and Jeroen Kingma, descendants of the oldest known inhabitant of the state, Jelle Kinghum and his descendants. The Foundation is not for profit. 

Our aim is to restore the former estate in a modern way in order to offer the members of the Kingma family worldwide a place to be for vacation or longer stay on the ancestral grounds and give them the possibility to explore the former gardens of Kingma State and the region with, among other heritage objects and sightseeing points, the still remaining gatehouse/teahouse in Kingmatille, the Regina Church with the family gravestones in Zweins, the lovely, ancient city of Franeker, the former capital of Westergo, and the beautiful green, wide and with characteristic medieval churches and picturesque villages rich Frisian scenery.  

We were able to repurchase the plots of land that used to be home to the Kingma State that will let us recreate the heart of the former estate. The foundation has set out a vision on how to restore the estate and has had a plan drawn up for the buildings and layout of the site. The project involves the construction of a residential island with a large mansion flanked by some houses in the form of the former stables, which will be laid out in a square shape with two wings around a communal courtyard. The mansion consists of two houses around a central hall. The hall can be used for meetings, events and for the exhibition of Kingma heritage objects. One of the houses can be rented as a vacation home by members of the family worldwide. The other houses will be sold to families or singles who like to live in this historical place at the Frisian countryside. The yield of the sale will help to restore the park and gardens of the former estate. See trailer.

After the restoration of the estate it will feature a landscape park with woods, canals, ponds, tree girths and meadows. Outside the residential island with the family mansion and houses, the grounds will be open to the public on footpaths. 

The zoning plan for this structure and layout have been approved by the municipal council. The construction and layout plans are currently being developed. The renowned construction company Friso Bouw will take care of the further development, sale and completion of the building complex. They will also build the entranceway, ponds and landscape park of the surrounding estate.

The preparations for the sale of the houses in the wings and the manor house have also started. To this end, the services of Duinstra Melis real estate agents have been employed.

For more information about the sale of the houses and a short introduction film please see https://duinstramelismakelaars.nl.

If there is enough interest in the houses for sale, construction will start after the environmental permit is granted.

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