Newsletter 5 - July 2021

Er zijn veel positieve berichten over de voortgang van het nieuwe buitengoed Kingma State die we graag met u delen. De voorverkoop van de woningen is in volle gang en we krijgen steeds meer geïnteresseerden voor het aandeelhouderschap in de landgoedonderneming.

The pre-sale of the nine homes located in the wings and the East part of the large home on the estate began in June. We currently have 75 applications from people that are interested, and this number grows daily. That is more than we could have ever dreamed of. Together with our builder Friso and real estate agent Duinstra Melis, we have decided this is a sufficient amount of interested people to proceed to the next phase; the actual sale. This is expected to start in September. We are, however, still waiting for the municipality’s permit process to be concluded. All parties involved are currently working hard to ensure the permit progress and foresee no issues in this matter.

The realisation of our plans has been taken to the next level by the overwhelming amount of interest in our plans.

The presentation of our plans to reconfirm the administrative support for our plans to Waadhoeke municipality’s alderman Nel Haarsma, went very well. The plans will be discussed by the board of mayors and aldermen in August, after which the permit process can start with the preliminary consultation in the welfare committee of Hûs and Hiem. From a municipality perspective, we are a very interesting project: an incredible housing project of the highest allure, that does not have a profit motive, initiated by the Kingma family. To re-build an estate with the ambition to become a 21st century monument is something very special for the municipality in Franeker. A unique, new pearl located in her countryside.

Together with Staatsbosbeheer, we have come to an agreement on the purchasing of the over two hectares of forest which used to house Kingma State. This means, as a family, we will once again become the owner of the estate’s former garden. We will need this plot to build the access road to the housing island and for a part of the estate’s necessary forest area.

In the meantime, we have been very busy attracting stakeholders for the Kingma State estate company which will manage the family home and the estate. This company will be listed as an NSW bv with (a maximum of 20) stakeholders. This bv will fall into the ‘Natuurschoonwet’ category which comes with interesting fiscal benefits for the stakeholders.
In our brochure (NL) and factsheet (ENG) you can find more information on which benefits (such as fiscal benefits, being mentioned as a participant in the family home and being granted holidays in the family home) are attached to your participation, as well as other necessary information on both the stakeholdership and the certificateholdership.

Currently, approximately ten people from the direct families of the initiators and the future home owners have claimed to want to participate as either a stakeholder or a certificate holder in Kingma State. This means we are on the right track to raise the necessary funds (€500,000) for the business.

Over the next few months, there will be every opportunity for other family members to join us in the stakeholdership or to ask for more information ( We only have space for a maximum of 20 stakeholders, each signing up to a minimum input of €25,000 in the NSW bv, so do not wait too long before you contact us!

In addition, family members and other interested parties can become certificate holders for amounts starting at €250. With this, they will obtain certificates for shares. The vast majority of the costs for the layout and construction of the estate will be paid from the proceeds of the sales of the homes.

Do you want to know more about this project and how you could be part of it? Please contact Joost or Bram Kingma via