Newsletter 6 - January 2022

After sending you our last newsletter in July, it is now time to update you again on the progress of the new Kingma State country estate. The home pre-sale has resulted in 24 registrations of prospective buyers. Twenty parties have indicated to be interested in participating in the estate company by becoming a shareholder or certificate holder. If you are also interested in participating, and you are a family member, you can still apply.

As we previously elaborated on in our July newsletter, the project's progress now mainly depends on the permit process with the municipality of Waadhoeke. All parties involved have worked hard on this process. We have had to make a few adjustments to the plans to get the building inspectorate's approval. Nevertheless, these preliminary consultations have not yet resulted in an approval. During a second conversation with the responsible alderman Haarsma (Housing department), she was again very positive about the project and took our concerns about the progress to heart. She will now do everything in her power to ensure that we can get on with the sales planning as soon as possible.

To move things along, we will organise a meeting in January with both the municipality and the building inspectorate. During this meeting, the existing (modified) plans will be the starting point. The city council will take over whatever results from this meeting. After that, the formal application process and the actual home sales can begin. We hope that, if the corona situation allows us, the city council’s final decision can be made by the end of January/beginning of February.

Last June, the pre-sale of the nine homes, located in the wings and the eastern part of the big house, began. Via estate agent Duinstra Melis, we received more than 75 applications from interested parties. During the summer, these interested parties were given the opportunity to register their preferred home(s). Twenty-four prospective buyers responded to this. This was above expectation.

We are currently awaiting the municipality's approval of the preliminary design, after which the sales procedure can continue with an introductory meeting between the interested parties, the estate agent, Friso Bouwgroep and ourselves. Architect Frank Vijftigschild and landscape architect Frans Beune will then explain and answer questions about the design of the estate.

After years of negotiations with the Forestry Commission (Staatsbosbeheer), on 4 October 2021, we finally completed the purchase of the two-hectare plot of forest on which the former Kingma State used to be located. The signing took place at the office of notary Fedde op de Coul (Heuvelrugnotarissen). As a family, we are now once again the owners of the former house plot and garden of the estate. We need this plot for the construction of the access road to the residential island, and as part of the estate's woodland.

The recruiting of shareholders for the Kingma State estate company, which will run the family home and country estate, is going well. This company will take the legal form of an NSW BV with (up to 20) shareholders. This company will fall under the terms of the Nature Conservation Act (Natuurschoonwet), which brings along interesting tax advantages for the shareholders.

In our brochure (NL) and factsheet (ENG), you can read which considerations (such as tax benefits, listing as a participant, a holiday stay in the family house) are attached to your participation, as well as any other necessary information about share ownership and certificate ownership.

In the meantime, approximately twenty people from the immediate family circle around the initiators and from future residents have already expressed their interest in participating as shareholders or certificate holders in the Kingma State estate company. With this, we are well on the way to raising the required capital (€500,000) for the company.

Er is voor familieleden die belangstelling hebben in participatie nog steeds gelegenheid om zich (vrijblijvend) bij ons te melden (

There is room for a maximum of 20 shareholders with a minimum investment of €25,000 in the NSW BV, so don't wait too long to notify us of your interest!

In addition, family members and other interested parties can become certificate holders for amounts starting at €250. With this, they will obtain certificates for shares. The vast majority of the costs for the layout and construction of the estate will be paid from the proceeds of the sales of the homes.